Powerfull user trace system

we have systems to trace all your traffic that comes on your websites using our PHP based programs that will keep record of every single login and logout a user do.

We have a powerfull Maintenance system also based on PHP. it can help us in under-attack situations where we can easily lock our whole system to prevent hackers from doing any type of data loss.

Some types of projects we made yet are

epayroll system that can handle many functions at a time and is made for small and medium enterprises. It has acquired proficiency in providing consultancy services under ESI Act, EPF Act, Income Tax, GST Act & Payroll outsourcing, Salary processing in and around Mohali & Rupnagar , Balachaur and Maintenance of statutory records in prescribed manner under various acts.

Inventory Management System is a wide ranged system used in huge organizations to maintain the stock in large amount.